Monday, October 11, 2010

Visit Indonesia jumps on Eat Pray Love band wagon

Monday, 11 October 2010
Uluwatu Temple, Bali
Blimbing, Bali

There is no doubt that the release of Julia Roberts’ new film Eat, Pray, Love has had the travel industry a buzz with excitement about the three destinations featured in the movie – Italy, India and Indonesia.

With the film released in Australia on 7th October, the Visit Indonesia Tourism Office, represented in Australia by AVIAREPS Oceania, is set to capitalize on the film’s popularity by launching a major consumer campaign in cinemas across the country.

In partnership with Creative Holidays, the cinema advertising campaign will feature a 30-second commercial showcasing the experiences that Bali and Indonesia can offer travellers. Cinema–goers also have the chance to win a trip to Bali from Creative Holidays, simply by following the SMS call-to action at the conclusion of the commercial.

Bali has already enjoyed a 54% increase in visitors from Australia in the first six months of this year, with 279,539 Aussies visiting the much-loved island. The release of Eat, Pray, Love, combined with a total of 14,800 seats per week from Australia is set to make Bali a high priority on travellers wish lists in the coming year. The Visit Indonesia Tourism Office says that they hope the popularity of the movie will encourage Australians to visit other areas of Bali such as Ubud, the cultural capital of the island, which features heavily in the film.

“Australians have had a long time love affair with Bali with a high percentage of repeat visitors to the destination. We expect that Australian’s will become more interested in going beyond the traditional hotspots of Kuta and Legian after seeing the film”, said Alison Roberts-Brown, Country Manager for Visit Indonesia, “This campaign is a stepping stone to introduce Australians to the other 17,000 islands in the archipelago. Currently 87 per cent of Australians visiting Indonesia choose to stay in Bali, we want to show that the other islands also offer breathtaking scenery and unique experiences.”

The Creative Holidays campaign will officially launch on 14th October, with the commercial shown before screenings of Eat, Pray, Love in major cinemas across, Melbourne and Perth.

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