Wednesday, October 20, 2010

THE trick to winning a bikini competition "The bikini was $2 from Bali,"

Bali bikini strikes again


October 20th, 2010

Miss V8 Supermodel Grace Brenton at the Vic Hotel. Picture: SHANE EECEN

THE trick to winning a bikini competition may come as a shock to Territory model-comp followers.

It's not about the bikini - but about how it's worn.

Busty Grace Brenton told ConfideNTial the swimwear she won her latest competition in was a bargain find.

She was named Miss V8 Supermodel in the search for the 2011 Utes and Beauts calendar at The Vic.

"The bikini was $2 from Bali," she said.

"It's the biggest joke among my friends."

Brenton, 20, manages Bardot and has notched up three bikini competition wins - one of which landed her in a national calendar for 2011.

The now infamous coral bikini has been partly responsible for two of those wins. "It seems to be my winning bikini," she said.

* * * * * * *

BRENTON wasn't just a standout in the Zoo Weekly calendar because of her bikini, but also because of a slip that saw her surname spelt incorrectly with a 'D'.

"They were really apologetic," she said.

ConfideNTial predicts the slip won't deter would-be calendar fans.

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