Friday, November 12, 2010

Worst Environmental Disaster in Decades Threatening Sanur Beach and Bali

Please pass this message on all who rely on tourism, fishing, diving , water sports and are concerned about Bali’ environment..

There has been a large ship on the reef off Sanur beach for the last three weeks.

As a former Captain I am well aware that this ship probably is carrying thousands upon thousands of liters of diesel oil in its hull.

Eventually the hull be breached and that fuel will come straight upon Sanur beach.

If nothing is being done about it we have the worst environmental disaster of the last several decades.

It will destroy tourism and fishing in Sanur for months or years to come.

We must act quickly to put pressure on government officials and the owners of the ship to pump the fuel out of the boat immediately and get rid of all other hazardous wastes that will come up on the beaches as the hull is breached.

Please contact me via mobile in regards to this at 08123814014

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