Monday, November 29, 2010

A new reality TV series called "The Island Trader" to be filmed on locations in Europe and southeast Asia that's looking for Bali cast members.

Gallery owner seeking cast for reality series
Monday, November 29, 2010

What do you get when the "The Antique Road Show" meets "Fantasy Island"?

A new reality TV series called "The Island Trader" to be filmed on locations in Europe and southeast Asia that's looking for cast members.

Rich Mutschler owns the Galleons Lost artifact gallery on King Street.

Rich Mutschler, the founder of Voyager International Inc. and the director of its first retail store, Galleons Lost, an authentic artifact gallery at 165 King St., will be featured in pilot episodes of the series billing itself as "where dreams come true."

In January 2011, the crew led by Mutschler will be shooting in Bali. Producers are seeking adult participants interested in taking part in this pilot and traveling with the crew on a trading and cultural expedition to Bali.

Mutschler and cast members will visit different locations all over the world, but most of the scenes in the pilot will be shot at Mutschler's personal trade and cultural headquarters, the Casa Rosa Trade and Cultural Center, shadowed by ancient volcanoes on the mystic island of Bali.

"Right now, the crew is concentrating on the 'teaser,' the pilot and general considerations for the general production," said Mutschler, who also will host the show.

In each episode, Mutschler will lead his group of art and antiquity collectors on a quest to acquire rare cultural- and treasure-related items from Europe to the Spice Islands of Indonesia.

He will use years of expertise in the ethnographic- and treasure-related fields to reveal the stories behind the history of selected artifacts as expedition participants wonder in awe over the allure and value of their acquisitions.

Mutschler said the show is shopping for a sponsoring network.

Founded in 1985 by Mutschler, Voyager International Inc. is an international corporation that trades ethnographic art and investment and museum-quality maritime treasure items. It selected Charleston to open its first retail store last April.

The gallery offers the "Treasure of the Island Kings" collection, authentic artifacts and rare objects from the spice routes to China dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

To participate in the pilot or the expedition, call 577-3862 or 561-373-0618 or go to

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