Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Get Around Bali

Getting Around

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In Bali there is no public transport but you can get around.

* In places like Kuta the streets can get very congested and parking may be a problem so walking is a option as the beach, shops and hotels are close by.

* In Denpasar you can get taxis in the form of cars or people movers. If you need a taxi as a car you can use Bluebird Taxi’s as these have meters and for short rides are cheap. If you are not up to bartering just yet these are a good choice. As you get the feel of how much it costs for a short trip you can try the other taxi’s and barter your fare before you get in and this should get you a safe ride at a price you are happy with. There are also private cars or MPV’s who will approach you as you walk down the street or leave a shopping center and all that is required is to barter your fare.

taxi kiosk bali

* When you get through the airport and if your hotel is not picking you up, you will need a taxi { you can pre book a driver read on about our drivers } you can walk across the road via a cross walk directly out front and get transport there. This can be confronting as you will get swamped with offers of transport and will need to barter your fare, or as you exit the building before you cross the road and on your RH side you will find a taxi kiosk. Tell them where you wish to go, pay them and you will get a receipt. Wait a bit and your taxi driver will walk across the road and escort you to his vehicle. This cost us Rupiah 55,000 per person { about Aus $7.50 } to go to Legian { refer to our page Where are we } and it will then give you some idea of cost going elsewhere. For families it would be better to pre book a pick up from G’day, you will need the room for the extra luggage. Going via taxi or pre booked transport will give you your first taste of the chaos that is Bali traffic. Note that Taxi prices aren’t that negotiable to or from the airport, as the driver must pay a tax for entry into the airport grounds – outside you will find that travel over a similar distance will cost less. The taxis we got at the airport ( Bluebird ) would only allow 2 people per car plus luggage, G’day and Mickey can take 4 each plus luggage or 6 each if hired for a trip.

* Hotels can help organize bus tours.

* If you have a international drivers licence you can hire cars, mpvs or a motor bike.

* Some tour packages have a pick up and return service.

* If you stay in the quieter places like Sanur a taxi will be expensive so private transport is the way to go.http://firsttimebali.com/transport/

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