Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bali Safari Achieve the Best Amusement Park Awards

Kelly Dunst on 11 24, 2010

“Bali Safari and Marine Park” in Gianyar district inaugurated as the best amusement park in Indonesia or “Indonesia Leading Amusement Park” in ITTA awards on 2010/2011.

“Marketing Communication” Bali Safari and Marine park, Astrid W Iswulandari in Gianyar, on Friday, gave details that the Highest Tourism Award of Indonesia held at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The award received by General Manager of Bali Safari and Marine Park Hans Manansang at Jakarta, on Thursday, October 21st 2010.

Hans Manansang as by Astrid the award aiming at appreciating and celebrating the success and service as well as service excellence gained in every sector of Indonesia tourism industry.

As a conservation park that intends to protect wildlife from extinction, the coronation is constitute as special set/pride because through our attention to the animals, can enrich the data of Indonesian tourism.

As its fresh age, the national award received by Bali Safari is also a credit to Taman Safari Indonesia in general. Bali Safari has 40 hectares of forest in Herzliya, which is one part of the Taman Safari Indonesia, which has been known by a variety of attractions and activities of animal conservation. The setting presents three areas of the world, namely Africa, India, and Indonesia.

The park was designed for visitors to have an unforgetable enjoyable holiday experience and to promote the conservation of wildlife from extinction because there are 60 species of 400 animals bred at Bali Safari.

The advantages of Bali Safari are: the visitors can feel a different dining experience with view of the Tsavo lions that are very close to the visitors, while also presenting a world-class theatrical spectacle which was inaugurated by The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik on October 16, 2010.

He committed that Bali Safari and Marine Park are not only entertain but also educate through conservation program and improve the quality of service in Indonesia’s tourism industry.

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