Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sam Cooper and Lily Allen Get Engaged in Bali

Happy reports show that the well-known singer Lily Allen is to marry her boyfriend of 18 months. Lily Allen says that, without a doubt in her mind, Sam Cooper is the love of her life.

While other people were busy watching TV and spending time with family over the Christmas Holiday, Lily Allen was busy getting engaged. The singer instantly accepted the proposal by Cooper without a second thought about it.

Sam Cooper reportedly chose to ask her to marry him on the balcony of their £800-a-night hotel suite in Bali at sunset on December 25. One source went on to say that Lily had no idea at all that Sam was going to propose to her. However, once the question was asked, she did not have to think about it, she knew right away. Lily is absolutely beaming and emotional at the same time.

This happily engaged couple were reported to have celebrated their engagement in the hotel’s bar. They were drinking champagne and cocktails with other guests. One witness said that the two could not stop smiling. It could not have been more romantic. The resort is just so peaceful and picturesque that it was the perfect place to propose.

Allen, age 25, and Cooper, age 32, started dating back in July of 2009. By August of 2010, they announced that they were expecting their first child together. Allen suffered a miscarriage in November. Lily has suffered a previous miscarriage while in a relationship with Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons in January of 2008.

Of course, these two miscarriages are not going to keep Lily down. In fact, she confirmed that she and Cooper were going to be trying again in 2011.

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